27 Aug Lime-Flower Tea


Lime-Flower Tea

27 August 2020

PREP. TIME: 5 MIN   -   COOK TIME: 5 MIN   -

Every year in Spring, people pick the flowers from the Linden trees on a warm day at the height of the flowers' scent.  They are spread on newspapers in a dry place until they are brittle.  Store in glass jars or brown paper bags once you are confident that they are dry enough.

Linden trees are popular trees grown in the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Tigli tree.  You will find them in large gardens,  and shading boulevards and piazzas or town squares.

Recipe Template

Lime - flowers may also be found in some health food shops and specialist tea stores.


Lime flowers

Boiling Water


2 Stoneware jug or a stoneware jug and a teapot to serve

Small wire strainer


Step 1

Place enough flowers to fill the jug - don't ram them in - just place enough to lightly fill the jug.

Step 2

Pour over boiling water, almost to the top and leave to infuse for about 5minutes

Step 3

Strain the Tea into a second warm jug or teapot 

Step 4

Serve in tea cups or tea glasses with Madeleines.


Recipe by Jane Grigson

Adapted by Elizabeth Peddey

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