12 Aug Order Home Cooked Meals

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Order Home Cooked Meals

12 August 2021

We are supplying nutritious home cooked meals for pick up from the kitchen door. 

The Kitchen is Open Tues - Sat, 5.30pm - 7pm.


How to Order:

1) Select what you would like off the menu.

2) Call 0419 505 438 and place your order - ideally by 2pm that day.

3) Pick-up and pay at a designated time from 5.30pm-7pm at 15 Meredith Street, Elwood 




A thick and nourishing vegetable soup with house cooked beans and arborio rice.  GF and Vegan

$15 / 550 ml

$20 / Litre

Pasta Sauce


A flavoursome tomato sauce cooked in garlic infused olive oil, seasoned with oregano, parsley, garlic, olives, and capers. The perfect sauce for tossing through spaghetti or penne pasta. Vegan

$20.00 / 550 ml jar

Meat Dishes


Mediterranean Style Chicken Dishes

In most parts of the Mediterranean chicken dishes are classically cooked in olive in a pot on top of the stove, stewed or braised with vegetables. Favourite sauces contain tomatoes, lemon juice or wine and are flavoured with bay leaves, oregano, thyme, allspice and pepper. Let us surprise you.  We will be varying our repertoire regularly as we work through a selection of our favourites. 

$35 / 500g

Roast Chicken

Freshly roasted chicken cooked to order and served with a thyme or tarragon jus.

$30 / 1.5 kg chicken


Beef and Eggplant Stew

Sublimely rich beef  cuts with fried eggplant cooked in a succulent tomato based gravy. GF

$35 / 500g 


Moussaka packed into capsicums or eggplant and topped with a thick batter before being baked in a flavoursome tomato sauce.



Sautéed Spinach

Fresh Spinach Sautéed in extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic

$15.00 / 550ml jar

Haricot Bean Salad

Dried haricot beans are rehydrated and cooked until tender before being tossed with extra virgin olive oil, diced capsicum, olives and chopped parsley.

$15.00 / 550ml jar 

Assorted Stuffed Vegetables

A delightful dish of whole or halved capsicums and eggplant or zucchini, stuffed with sautéed vegetables, rice, grains, grated cheese and herbs, slow cooked in a tomato based sauce.  Reheats beautifully. VEG

$20 / 500g 


House Made Focaccia with Rosemary and Sea Salt

Serve as a side with any of the above dishes. VEG

$15  for a whole focaccia

Stuffing for Roast Chicken

A perennial favourite. Ground pork or chicken, breadcrumbs and herbs bound with egg and seasonings.

$15 / 350g


Fruit Crumble

An old fashioned classic that makes the best of summer fruit.  Options will vary between apricots, plums, peaches and rhubarb as the season allows. Make sure that you have some cream or ice cream in the fridge.

$15 / half

$25 / whole

Rhubarb or Apricot Compote

Rhubarb cooked in rosy red syrup. New season apricots gently cooked in syrup. GF VEG Vegan

$15 / 250g (one serve)

$20 / 500g

Save on packaging - You are encouraged to drop off your own dishes or containers for your order to be packed into.

Minimum Order $30. 
We ask that you try and place your weekend orders by Friday. 

Special requests available.

Dietary requirements can be considered but may incur additional pricing.

And More...

Do not forget to order your Christmas Hampers                    From $45 - 165.00

Grampians Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                $33.00 750ml bottle

                                                                                                                 $22.00 500ml bottle

Dried Oregano                                                                                    $6.00 per bunch

                                                                                                                  $3.00 per jar

Home Bottled Tomatoes                                                              $8.50 per 500 g jar

Home Made Passata                                                                         $8.50 per 700 ml

                                                                                                                  $6.50 per 500 ml jar

Spicy Tomato Relish                                                                         $10.00 per 250ml jar

Chicken Stock                                                                                      $10 per 550ml jar

Strawberry Jam                                                                                 

Seville Orange Marmalade

Apricot Jam                                                                                                       

All Jams                                                                                                                $15 / jar

$20 / 2 jars

Preserved Apricots                                                                                       $20 / 500ml jar


More Tips

  • Janine Barrett says:

    A true gastronomic experience, Elizabeth gives so much more than a cooking lesson with her wealth of experience. Today’s class was all about learning how to manage flavours, and we cooked, and we ate with a lovely group of people. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. I felt like I was back in Italy again! Thank you Elizabeth

  • elizabeth tanya salehian says:

    Far too expensive – I cook well and spend a fraction of these prices. Beefcheek with mashed potatoes and
    two or three vegetable – costs me, for one, $10.50
    I’ve priced it out meat from a quality butcher regards ET Salehian

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