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Italian Tour

This eight-day, small-group tour is based in the Blue Zones of the Cilento Coast in Southern Italy.

Cliento is a little-known region and loved by many Italians - a place famed for its food, wine, cultural activities, climate, natural beauty and history. It’s an extraordinary part of the Mediterranean waiting to be discovered.

The Italian Tour places an emphasis on food and wine as we immerse ourselves in the rhythms of village life for several days in the tiny village of Pisciotta from where we take full advantage of our surroundings. 

We enjoy cooking classes and restaurant meals in a series of unforgettable locations. 

You will learn the finer points of the Mediterranean diet as we pick our way through some of the most exceptional produce in Italy, visiting local producers, wineries and other agricultural enterprises. 

Our travels are full of surprises with highlights including a visit to the ancient sites of Paestum and Pompeii, a stay in San Marco Castellabate before wrapping up our trip on the Amalfi Coast.

Take full advantage of exploring the natural environments such as the local marine and forested national parks. There will be plenty of opportunity to tread quietly through shaded Mediterranean forests above the sea and exploring tiny beaches by boat. Pisciotta also hosts outdoor concerts in the evenings with sometimes some dancing in the piazza. It all awaits you.

Both pre and post tour opportunities are also available upon request if you would like to extend your travels. 

Global Covid 2019 travel regulations prevent us from scheduling tours at this time. 

Scheduling for 2021 will be revealed as soon as regulations are lifted.

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