Mediterranean Cooking Courses - Elizabeth Peddey Melbourne

Cooking Courses - Beginner & Intermediate

Learn the Art of Home Cooking

How does it work?

Our students attend weekly group classes to steadily build their kitchen confidence, skills and repertoire. Each class is hands-on, fun and interactive. 

Drawn from the Mediterranean, the style we teach is simple and unpretentious.

At the end of each class we dine together and discuss the meal we all created. 

Beginner Courses

No cooking experience required. If you lack confidence and need to learn the basics, start here. 

After this six-week course, you will be confidently preparing a variety of fool-proof dishes at home.

Intermediate Courses

Expand your repertoire and become a more daring and creative cook in these four-week courses.

Consolidate the fundamentals, improve your skills, learn how to manage texture and flavour with a variety of delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Watch Our Student Stories Video

"I am a lover of food but not cooking, and Liz manages to create a warm learning environment that makes you understand the joy of cooking. She intuitively allows you to appreciate what you already know about cooking and effortlessly builds on that knowledge."

JO, 26 years - CARLTON

"This is not your stock standard cooking class but a learning experience…(it) has really given me confidence and renewed interest in cooking the right way! Thank you Elizabeth!"


"I could not have asked for a better environment in which to learn new skills and change my overall attitude towards cooking.  I greatly enjoyed the experience and can’t thank you enough for your positivity, patience and kindness."


"Elizabeth’s incredible authentic Italian cooking class was amazing. A great first hand experience in the delicate simplicity of Italian cooking. Would recommend to anyone willing to understand more about the tastes of the Italian cuisine."

GEORGE, 27 years - NYC USA