07 Sep Stracciatella (Egg and Cheese Soup)


Stracciatella (Egg and Cheese Soup)

7 September 2021

PREP. TIME: 5 MIN   -   COOK TIME: 10 mins   -   SERVES: 4 -6

Stracciatella is one of those things that seems to have been relegated to old school Italian restaurants.  I always order it if I see it on the menu. It is a good standby for home too.

If you have these ingredients to hand, you have access to one of the quickest, most nourishing and delicious meals of all time.

The success of the dish depends entirely upon the quality of the freshest ingredients. Use a lightly flavoured, home made chicken stock, fresh eggs and Parmesan cheese.  It needs to be served immediately.

Recipe Template

ingredients for 4 -6 people

1.5 litres of chicken or meat stock (click for recipe)

4 fresh eggs


4 tablespoons of coarse semolina

4 tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Freshly grated nutmeg - optional

Chopped parsley - optional


Cheese grater






Step 1 - Prepare the ingredients:

Crack the eggs into a bowl 

Grate the cheese 

Reserve a ladleful of cold stock

Place the chicken stock in the saucepan and keep warm. Season to taste.

Beat the eggs with a good pinch of salt, the semolina, the cheese and a pinch of grated nutmeg, to taste.

Dilute the mixture with a a ladleful of cold stock.

Step 3 - Assembly

Bring the stock to the boil, check the seasoning again.

Pour in the egg mixture and stir it into the stock using a wire whisk.

Lower the heat and simmer for 2 minutes, beating constantly - the soup will be full of uniform threads of egg and cheese.

Check the seasoning.

Step 4 - To Serve

Serve boiling hot, with the beaten eggs just breaking up into strands.

Garnish with parsley if using.


Recipe adapted by Elizabeth Peddey from Italian Regional Cooking, by Ada Boni, p.171

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