30 May Tiramisu

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30 May 2021

PREP. TIME: 15 - 20min - Chill Time: 1 hour -   Serves: 4 - 6

Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert that is relatively simple to make and much appreciated by everyone. 

'Tiramisu' translates as pick-me-up and it does that every time.  Try and save some for breakfast.

Savoiardi biscuits are dipped in espresso and layered with a rich cream of mascarpone whipped up with egg yolks and sugar that are folded into clouds of egg whites. Commonly it is constructed in a deep square or rectangular dish but nothing beats the wow factor when it is carefully layered in a large, glass, trifle bowl.  

Allow at least 1 hour to chill in the refrigerator before serving.
Ideal for transporting so just perfect for when you are asked to 'bring a dessert or a pud.'

Recipe Template


6 Eggs - at room temperature

150 g Caster Sugar

250 g Mascarpone - at room temperature

2 cups Coffee at room temperature

400 g Savoiardi biscuits

Chocolate powder or Coffee powder for dusting


Electric mixer with a balloon whisk - or a hand held balloon whisk

2 large mixing bowls

Digital scales


Large decorative glass or china serving bowl - rectangle shaped containers are easiest to use for layering though.

Tea strainer or small wire strainer.


Step 1 Prep

Separate the eggs.

Make 2 cups i.e 500mls espresso or mocha or plunger coffee. Allow to cool to room temperature before using, otherwise the biscuits will dissolve in it if too hot.

Mix 2 tablespoon each of coffee powder and chocolate powder in a small bowl

Step 2 Beat the egg whites

Beat the egg whites using a whisk attachment on an electric mixer or by whisking in a clean bowl by hand until they are formed as for meringue with soft billowy peaks.  (You can test it being at this stage - if it does not fall off a wooden spoon turned upside down).  Set aside.

Step 3 Combine the egg yolks and Sugar

Wash the whisk well.

Add the sugar to the egg yolks and beat until it is a thick cream - approx 4 minutes.  

Step 4 Add the mascarpone

to the egg yolks and sugar.

Do this gradually at low speed until the mascarpone is thoroughly combined.

Step 5  Fold in the egg whites.

Place about 1/3 of the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture and gently fold them in by hand using a large flat spatula or metal spoon.

Continue adding the egg whites - a third at a time, keeping as much volume in the mixture as possible.

Refrigerate if you are delayed in proceeding with the next step.

Step 6 Assembly

Have the serving dish ready and smear the bottom of the dish with some of the mascarpone mixture.

Pour the coffee into a shallow dish and dip the savoiardi - one at a time into the coffee and place them one by one to form the base of the Tiramisu in the serving dish.

Add a layer of mascarpone over the biscuits and sprinkle with ground coffee and chocolate powder using a tea strainer or small wire strainer.

If you are using a trifle bowl, line the sides of the bowl with a row of these biscuits, then create the next layers inside of this lining.

Place another layer of savoiardi biscuits over the mascarpone.

Cover the biscuits with mascarpone mixture.

Sprinkle with the coffee and chocolate powder.

Continue in this way so you have at least 3 layers - finishing with a layer of mascarpone mixture sprinkled with the powder.

Refrigerate for a minimum 1 hour before serving

Step 5 To Serve

Cut into serving portions or spoon from the trifle bowl onto plates. Dust with more of the coffee and chocolate powder.


Recipe adapted by Elizabeth Peddey  from The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Trade 10/21.

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